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Acrostically delicious [14 Sep 2011|10:36am]
[ mood | silly ]

Whoa, it's been a year! I just found this in a notebook from college (I'm back at home), and kind of wanted to post it somewhere. I think it was supposed to be an extra-credit thing for a Milton class, though I'm far from sure. Just... as busy as I clearly was, how much time did I spend on this? (Hint: Read it up and down.)

In restless nights at grim semester's end
Nemeses rise in every shadowed page.
Even the finest lines of poetry
Ever to grace the pages of our tomes
Darken, and seem to mock us with their depths.
And we might wonder, in these weary hours,
Now that the obligations of our craft
Arise in forms of deadlines multiple,
Perilous if missed, impossible to meet--

In these our hours of torment, as we groan
And rack our brains for ways to fill a page--
Might wonder why we struggle thus at all.
Vying for each remote and precious 'A,'
Even the stalwart MILTON scholar may
Repent, to some degree, their chosen course.
Yawning, and gulping one more cup of tea,
The MILTON scholar wonders why she chose
In that mad time of registration, this
Redoubted master of the English tongue
Even for one semester's study; why,
Deeming him somehow better worth the time,
In some unfathomed way, than all the rest,
Did she decided to go and study him?

Loudly she may proclaim disgruntlement
Into the silent pages of her books,
Keeping an eye fixed to the clock the while,
Ever aware how slim the time has grown.
Then soft! What light from yonder sky descends,
O weary mortal? 'Tis the glow of TRUTH,
Got up in person of an ANGEL bright.
Enters the six-winged seraph, RAPHAEL,
To light upon the startled student's desk.

Taking one look around the cluttered room,
He soft begins, "Why doubt thou, mortal, so?*
In idle play you've whiled away your time,
Surrendering your hours to foolish books
Devoid of any real enlight'ning pow'r;
Or, finding your friends a more engaging group,
No matter how bewild'ring silly they,
Enemies of your productivity,
Shall show themselves, than those illumined names
Over the pages spread of that fair tome
In which the works of Milton lie safe-bound.

Can this be gratitude? Can this uncouth
And shameful disregard for one the Muse
Native to Heaven has so surely led,
Devoted, though a little proud, to tell
Of all his Heaven and his Hell have done,
Marked, though he was, in blindness, by the stern
Yet ever-loving hand of that he called
Omnipotent, Creator, Father, God--
The author of his cosmos, though the VOID
He spoke of is a real and living thing,
Even in all the chambers of the HEART
Raising its standard, till all mortals must
Dare to oppose its will, or soon be lost.**

An enemy to CHAOS, and the Void,
Perilous adversaries, Milton wrote
Even as all the truest poets do,
Reaching into his heart, and plucking out
Seedlings of chaos, each a budding vine
That could become a flow'r of GENIUS; or,**
Set in a sicklier soil, could else outgrow
The confines of a virtuous heart and wise--
Heave upward, and with shadowed touch distort,
In subtle motions, that illustrious Brain,
Set it a course of Madness and of Doubt
Ever-increasing, till it fall to dust.

No stranger to this risk was Milton, who,
On starting his narrative of Paradise,
Gave witness to wise fears that, once begun,
Having the deeds of Heav'n and Hell in verse
All set down, that he might forget his place--
Put on the air of God and not of Man,
Pull down from Heaven more than was his due
And fall to HELL as rash Bellerophon
Ran harsh aground; so ran his worthy fears."

Ending his talk of Falling, Raphael stands
Nodding his head toward th'abandoned desk.
Taking a seat, the student soon begins
Lightly to tap the keyboard, taking notes--
Yawning the while, for still the hour grows late.

"Now," Raphael says, taking a speaker's stance,
"Our time grows short, and soon you must succumb
To creeping slumber and the dread of morn.
One lesson take from this our visit-- take,
Keep in your heart, and do not soon forget:
As Shakespeare's whimsied genius, Dante's Hell,
Yet more than both of these, Milton had skill
All things to make full clear to mortal eyes.***
Like any true Creator, he with words
Images could call to play th'ethereal stage
The like of which had never yet been seen
The length and breadth of Earth. How Eden fell
Lately he told, and how the Serpent failed
Even as he stood crowing his success.

"More to the point, perhaps, for one who claims no faith--"****
On this note Raphael reproachful stared,
Rememb'ring, perhaps, my areligious state.
Even at this, I scarce could muster more
Than a brief smile, and that half-sleeping, too.
He sighed, and went on. "Milton likewise wrote
Every kind of work within his ken,
Neither in sentiment, nor in form did pause,
His ire invoked, at tracts political,
Or poetry, when thus he was inspired.
Wilful, you choose to disregard such work
As you find difficult to comprehend.
But you will find, when finally you read
O'er the Prolusions, or the greater tracts,
Under the vines of his well-grounded thought,
The inspiration that you long have sought.

"Now in your hours of Panic and Despair,
O'erwrought by quandaries of papers due,
When seeking sources, know you only this:
Of all the writers you so far have known--"
Kissing the tome-- "Milton you may find
Ample support for any kind of stance
You have need to support." At this, he stopped.
"Good night, young scholar, and in all your work,
Only keep Milton by your side, and soon
Our Muse, Urania, will guide your hand."
Dimming, he vanished, and I fell asleep.

*Quotation marks added for the sake of my sanity.
**I wrote the initial letters first, and apparently misread a P as a D and an I as a T. Oops.
***No, I don't think Milton's better than Shakespeare (though apparently I had delusions to that effect while I was in this class). In any case, Raphael's biased.
****Pentameter fail! Nooo!

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For the sake of updating, mostly. [15 Sep 2010|12:35am]
[ mood | amused ]

Every once in a while I like to do a little personal retrospective on this diary-- I look back at each year's entry for whatever date is closest to today's, regressing until I hit the beginning. It takes more and more time each time, because... I've had this diary since 2002. I was eighteen when I started, and a devout Mormon, and on the whole a well-meaning idiot. I hate my younger self so much sometimes, and yet I feel bad for her, too-- I can remember what it felt like to want so desperately to be taken seriously.

Still in Korea; last year, I think. On my crafty plans for next year, more later.


[25 Apr 2010|11:38pm]
So I'm alive, if anyone was wondering. Wow, but it's been a good long time. Still at the same hagwon in Korea. Coming down to the wire, though-- my contract is up at the end of June, and I need to come up with a new job before I go home so that I can scout around and see if it's as good as it's supposed to be. For, lo, I am staying another year. This is a place that people can't seem to leave, really.

My main worry, as always, is what to do with the cat while I'm on vacation. I mentioned that I was coming home, and a Korean friend mentioned that she'd like to visit the US while I was there. I mentioned it to my mother, who mentioned it to my grandmother, who asked would I pretty-please swing up and see her while I'm home, which has settled it into a done deal. Which means I'll probably be out of Korea for at least the month of July. As much as I hate to do it, I'll probably have to haul His Royal Felinity onto a plane again-- haven't had to do so since the summer of 2008, since when I went home for Christmas this year a good and long-suffering friend of mine watched him for me. I had an offer of pet-sitting, actually, but she largely retracted when I mentioned how long it would probably be. So... bollocks. I guess he's survived it once...

First order of business, though, is finding the job. Which means re-doing my resume. Dammit, I hate that. Better get started, I guess. Love and kisses to all of you, and sorry I haven't been keeping up with things.
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[12 Dec 2009|06:56pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I saw New Moon last night with my friend Katie. Don't hate! We were bored, and the movie theater was right there, and nothing else was going to be playing for the rest of the night. (It was something like 10:15 when we got the idea).

Secret: I really, really enjoyed it. The whole thing. Every part was surprisingly good, unintentionally hilarious, or some twisted combination of both. The music was lovely, as were the visuals, same as the last one. The wolves were kind of awesome, and I thought Jacob!Wolf was adorable-- wanted to pet him. All the actors were amazing. Please do not misunderstand: I think that the whole Twilight series is a very strange, twisted story about few horrible, unbalanced people (and a lot of fun, likeable ones, including Alice and Jasper and almost all the humans-- Charlie is one of my favorites!). I like train-wreck stories, though, so it wasn't really a problem. And, again-- music! (I can't remember the name of the song that was playing while the wolves chased Victoria through the forest, but I thought it was kind of a fun and interesting combination.) Overall, given the source material (see "turds, polishing"), I thought the movie was a remarkably fine rendering and did great credit to everyone involved. I was never bored, and didn't regret paying to see it.

Working on La NaNo, still. Now they're in a police station. WTF. Still trying to get to 70k, but really have no idea where the story is going at the moment. Why did strange hooded men show up outside Amelia's house and violently dismantle four police officers? Don't know! Don't care! Onwards and outwards!

62898 / 70000 words. Snowberry. 90% done!
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[22 Nov 2009|06:23pm]
I'm past 37k on my NaNo. Holy carp. Crossing my fingers, but... dare I say it? In a few weeks I might have an ACTUAL FINISHED COPY of an ACTUAL FINISHED NOVEL to start editing. A rough draft, to be sure, but... HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP LIFELONG DREAM ETC. Cross your fingers and toes for me, and wish me lots of luck!

Reading Mindhunter. It's... weird. You can see the ghostwriter taping the (admittedly interesting) ramblings of an old guy and trying to make them legible. Meanders, it does. I'm hoping there are some actual serial-killer-hunting techniques to come, but so far it's mostly been memoir (as in "I was born..." memoir).

Previous read was Mindscan, by Robert Sawyer. It was really interesting. I definitely recommend it.

...I really, really need to buy a new laptop. I've been in this PC-bang for like five hours now. Ye gods, it's like my first year again.
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[13 Nov 2009|05:45pm]
It's cold. Am holed up in a PC-bang tryin to work on my NaNo. I'm at 20,000+ words and am DETERMINED TO FINISH this year. For clarity, this is the fifth year that I've tried it, and I've never gotten higher than 21,000. Just trying to do the minimum for each day, plus a few words more, and not go for anything dramatic. Fingers crossed.

Still working on The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror from 2008, which I picked up in Tokyo and lugged back with me. Some of them are great; some are borderline unreadable and/or VERY poorly structured. Some-- the poems, especially-- are not legitimately fantasy or horror at all. That, and a third of the book's volume is taken up with mentions and shoutouts. I'm not sure I understand this compilation at all, and I'd like to be done with it soon. That said, again: there are some really good things in it.

I fucking HATE the smell of cigarette smoke, and my eyes are burning.

I'm never on LJ anymore-- mostly it's an attempt to catch up with the few people I know personally who do use it regularly. Sorry for being a lousy correspondent, generally.
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[24 Sep 2009|10:14pm]
[ mood | recovering ]

I took my first sick day in almost two years today. Woke up this morning with some kind of mild flu-- light fever, chills, nausea, etc.-- on top of the cold I'd already had. Our head kindy teacher, by necessity, took me to our usual clinic and intermediated with the doctor, who told me to stay home today-- excellent. Five hours' sleep and a couple packs of pills, plus a big helping of juk (rice porridge) with chicken and cheese and various mix-ins, plus a bunch of tangerine juice and a bit of coffee and a few sweets, and I'm feeling almost chipper. If I'd felt like this this morning, I'd never have taken the day off. Sometimes rest (and medication) is what you need, I guess.

It's chilling down here, and getting drier as well. I'm cycling in my cool-weather clothes. The classrooms still get hot during the day, so I have to sneakily turn on the AC from about 11 to 1 or the kids fuss and won't focus. Probably soon it will be much too cold to think about that. Highs in the seventies through the weekend.

Keeping this short because my computer's about to overheat. Nothing too exciting is going on. I'm knocking a lot of books on my reading list. Last night I finished The Spellman Files, and right now I'm working on Born to Run, which-- bizarrely-- is making me want to try running again for the first time since middle school. We'll see, I guess. Tomorrow is Friday; lovely. Hope all of you are taking care of yourselves! XOXOXOXO



[12 Sep 2009|06:27pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Greetings, invisible friends. Hope all is well where you are. It's a lazy Saturday here-- I almost said Sunday. Weekends tend to blur together, here. Had lunch with a friend. Did some writing. Went for a mocha at my coworker/friend's husband's newly-owned coffee shop, and bought a cyclamen afterwards at the florist's two doors down. Have picked up P.D. James' An Unsuitable Job For A Woman again; I started reading it a long time ago and then set it down. Somehow I forgot how awesome the writing style was. Am also reading Hegemony or Survival, which is much more depressing and rather less engaging.

The weather's turned cool very suddenly. I'm enjoying the fall weather while cringing at the thought of how cold it will be a month from now.

I always start reading ghost stories in the fall. I don't know if it's the approach of Halloween or the early darkness, but they seem much more plausible at this time of year. Other scares work, too-- true-crime articles seem much more interesting. My door stays locked most of the time in the fall.

Have been working on a very self-indulgent bit of urban fantasy. I'm hoping not to share it with anyone until it's done, great though the temptation is; sharing passages from works in progress always seems to be their death knell for me. I will say that the fact that I'm working on probably stems from reading the Kate Daniels series, which I've really been enjoying lately.


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[29 Aug 2009|04:00pm]
I'm still here. Nothing of consequence is really going on lately, except that this is my last year and I'm getting excited to go home. Our new semester has kept everyone's heads spinning as they've prepared for it, because we're dropping a book series and adopting a new one. Classes are also being shuffled around, we've been having speaking contests this week, and we have three new teachers (well, two from last month and one starting next week). Every weekend has been a big relief. I still enjoy the work, though, and the kids are great as always.

[28 Jul 2009|11:26pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Just had an interesting day in Osaka. Am here with a friend, who got here this afternoon-- I`ve been here since last night. I had an errand to run this morning, and then wandered around and met up with Katie. (Have to keep backspacing-- I am not used to using Japanese keyboards!)

We had lunch at Mos Burger, which was delicious. Katie is veg, and has trouble finding things to eat even when she can communicate. Fortunately Mos Burger had both an English menu and a veg option ("rice burger," with herbs and burdock O.o).

Next order of business was getting over to the Aquarium, which we`d decided on as our first stop. It was really nice, though 2000 yen stung coming out of our wallets. Then over to the Ferris wheel-- world`s biggest, apparently, until the London Eye was built-- which was... much like a big, slow Ferris wheel. Interesting view over the city, anyway. Osaka is much more industrialized than Tokyo, and there was a lot of grey space and factory towers and all that. Grey, drizzly day, too, though it didn`t rain anymore once we`d gotten off the Ferris wheel.

I have developed a fixation, of sorts, for going out and eating at a Hard Rock cafe whenever I visit a new city. Well, if you can call it a fixation after three cities-- Seoul, Tokyo, and now Osaka. We used to do this with my dad, when we would travel, and now suddenly I`ve picked it back up again on my own. Who knows? We went to the one at Universal Citywalk, which is apparently new(ish?), and had milkshakes and split a veggie-burger. It was very good but MUCH too expensive. Now Katie wants to go to Universal Japan tomorrow, instead of Kyoto as we`d planned. I looked it up and UJ appears to be kind of lame, so hopefully she`ll be persuaded otherwise. We`ll have fun no matter what we do. :)

Got to go, now-- am over my time at this internet cafe and need to go home and sleep, anyways. Love and kisses to you all!

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[25 Jul 2009|12:43pm]
I had a dream last night that my mother came to Korea with two (Iranian?) friends I'd never met before, who hid in the hotel room for the first night and surprised me completely by their presence. We were trying to decide whether to eat dinner with the remaining staff of my school (it was Christmas break and most people were gone) or with my belly dance teacher and other people who were with her.

The Iranian(?) women had a haunted look, and I think they came out of the book I'm reading, which touches on the situation of religious minorities in Iran. (They might even have been the same mother and daughter who are described as seeking political asylum in the book.) The dinner, obviously, was the awkward company dinner from last night.

I'm not sure who we ended up eating with, but there was definitely a jug of coffee creamer that was laced with love potion. I pretended to drink some and then stared fixedly at Draco Malfoy, who was there for some reason.

Woke up just in time this morning for John Teacher, the building guard, and the repair guy to come in and look at the newly-awakened troubles in my ceiling. Apparently the rain has caused water and cement to mix in the top of the drainage hose they stuck in the ceiling last time, blocking it up nicely. I am promised they'll be back when everything dries out to put in a new... something. The saga continues.

Wanted to go into Seoul today, but we've got a new teacher coming this afternoon and I'm in the group that's taking him out to dinner. Between that and ceiling troubles, I think tomorrow would be better. Will instead get a few things done and read a lot. Saturday could be a lot worse. :) I'll go to the bookstore tomorrow.

[12 Jun 2009|11:50am]
Wahey, I'm back.

I'm not even going to try to catch up on the flist backlog. It's been six months. If you're on the "People I Actually Know" filter, I'll try, but otherwise... hope you're doing well? :P I've started up on Blogger, so if anyone's interested I'm posting some bigger stuff over there. Occasionally. More formally, I guess. Have also been posting book reviews on Goodreads from time to time, so if you hang out over there feel free to friend me. :) Those on the aforementioned PIAK filter can find me on Facebook, which is where I've been (traitorously) spending most of my time lately.

Anyway. Hope you're all doing well. Daily update-type stuff-- going into Seoul today to pick up a dress that was being altered, then spending the rest of the afternoon packing for TOKYO, which is where I am going TOMORROW. FOR A WEEK. Woohoo! I'm on vacation, btw. My mom came out for two weeks, which was EXCELLENT, and the last two weeks I've been vegging. After Tokyo I have one more week to relax and hang out, then back to the grind.

My ceiling is leaking and falling apart like the devil, if the devil were to leak and/or fall apart. Our Guy Friday is coming over today to see about fixing it. Again. If you don't hear from me, I'll be buried under plaster and moldy paper in my fifth floor officetel. Otherwise, talk to you later. :)
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[15 Dec 2008|10:55pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Cool thing for the day:

There's a guy in Gimpo I've talked to a couple of times-- American, I think, working at another hakwon a little ways down the road. He's married to a woman I assumed was Japanese, because I'd only heard them speaking Japanese together. I was talking to a coworker of his, who's in my yoga class, and found out that his wife is, in fact, Korean. She doesn't speak English. He doesn't speak Korean. They both speak Japanese. They are married. I'm kind of amazed at how this arrangement seems to have worked out for them, because they seem very much in love-- it's amazingly cool, and quite strange at the same time.

I'm considering adding another dance class to my lineup. Our regular night-dance teacher is sick this week, and her substitute-- who teaches a "Diet Dance," or aerobics, class at 8:00-- took the class in a completely different direction-- kind of high-impact, repetitive, very strenuous, but fun. I think it's just something about her personality that I like. She also seems to teach very quickly, without a lot of repeats-- I like a faster-paced class, and came out of this one feeling pretty awesome. (Also, exhausted.) I'm not sure if I can swing Yoga, Diet Dance, and Night Dance straight in a row, but I'm going to watch the new instructor's class on Wednesday and see what I think. I've been feeling a bit lazy and complacent lately...

My mother sent me a Christmas box. I'm over the moon. :) Fudge, chocolate, and brownies (mostly shared out and/or eaten already), plus candy canes, which I might hand out to one of my classes. Two packs of mini-Christmas lights, battery-operated; a box of garland; a packet of holiday gel-stickers. Two packets of 4-bean soup mix. A few months' worth of bank statements. :P Most importantly, I now have cream of tartar, powdered sugar, and green and red sprinkle-sugar, which means Dara and I are well on the way to experimenting with snickerdoodles and crinkles in the toaster oven. :D (Fortunately another friend, Kristen, has got some real vanilla, which is hard to come by here except in strange little vials with Dutch or German labels.) So that's exciting. I really need to write to her and thank her, tonight if I can.

I think that's all for right now. :) Have a great Monday (or whatever)! ^__^

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[14 Dec 2008|07:33pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Oh, how deeply I do love my fluffy socks. They sell them on the street here-- you can pick up a pair for 2000 won, or around $1...40? 50? Not much. I have probably eight or ten pairs by now-- they're wonderful, in that you can sleep in them or wear them around like slippers, and they're awesomely sherbet-striped to boot. (With the exception of the ones that I'm currently wearing, which are a black-and-white Scandinavian print... with little pompoms.)

My cat, unfortunately, thinks that these socks are extra delicious-- they're made of that "baby yarn" that only came out a few years ago, microfiber or something, which I guess goes down better or something. (My cat, for those who don't know him, eats textiles on occasion. Yes, I know. He's not a terrifically intelligent cat.) So wearing them in the house can be a battle-- but so, so worth it.

So, like, I'm still alive-- it's always so long between updates, and only part of it's due to my exciting double life as a secret agent. Mostly I just forget-- I haven't been reading much LJ yet, either, so if I failed to comment on someone's life-altering event over the last few weeks, um... sorry? Sorry. Hope everyone's doing okay.

Having spent the last few days reading some really entertaining HP adventure-fanfic, I've come away with a bit of a new resolve. I don't seem to do well when I'm trying to make my stories deep and literary, so for right now I'm going to try and just tell a story, and see how it works. I'm about two thousand words into a second (third? fourth?) try at my "Pearl" novel, and if anyone's interested in running commentary I'll set up a separate filter so as not to spam with irrelevance. If anyone's interesting in reading summaries and/or excerpts of this story, please comment below and I'll add you to the filter.

Spent yesterday in Seoul with a coworker/friend, Daniel. We went to Naguan Arcade, which is an enormous musical-instruments... bazaar, for lack of a better word, or a "marketplace" as it would be called here. It's on the second and third floors of a great big building, sharing space with a bank downstairs and something-or-other upstairs. Inside are shops upon shops upon shops, selling every instrument in common use here and some of the ones that aren't-- guitars, woodwinds, pianos, violins, drums, etc. Upstairs the stores are fewer, and rather large, but the second floor is packed with little shops. The big corridors in between are reduced to aisle size by the booths and "open-air" stalls. Daniel pointed out that these are not climate or humidity controlled, and would not go near them. I picked up a set of strings for my guitar-- Yggi broke the D-string almost a year ago, and I never got around to fixing it. If I can get around to stringing it, now, I might start picking it up again.

Insa-dong is right next to Naguan-- the next street over-- so we swung by momentarily. I'd hoped to spend a bit more time, but D was pretty obviously bored and it was really, really crowded. Did a little Christmas shopping. Much more left to do. We headed over to Yongsan after that. Yongsan is the electronics market in Seoul, and is where I bought my laptop last year. Things were already closing when we got there, around 7 or 7:30, but we went over to a small black-marketish place across the street from the main complex and I picked up a DS-lite. I felt bad, since I'd meant to spend the day Christmas shopping, but I've been wanting one and I wasn't likely to get over to Yongsan again anytime soon. It's a very entertaining little gadget.

Anyway, today I've accomplished nothing much. Need to try and get some cleaning done before bedtime tonight. Have to go in for a check-up tomorrow to keep my health insurance up to date.

Um... stuff. More if I think about it, I guess.

Need to catch up on everyone else, now. Have a great Sunday/whatever day it is for you now. :)

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[01 Dec 2008|01:30am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

And hey, I'm back.

I'd been off on another lj during November, trying to get through 50,000 for NaNo this year. Didn't work, in the end, but I did get about 30K, which I think is more than twice what I did last year. I'd like to at least get it to 50K, and maybe finish it, even though I've sort of lost interest at this point. Maybe after a while I'll get back to it, or start something else and get a little farther on that.

Been doing a lot of reading. Hope everyone is well. Much love.

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[31 Oct 2008|11:35pm]
Alrighty. I'm about to start NaNoWriMo-- it's in 25 minutes, here-- and am setting up a new LJ for the purpose. If anyone's interested, it's tamsin08-- I'm not sure how much of the novel-type stuff I'll end up posting there, but it's good to have in any case. Happy Halloween, everyone! I didn't do anything much, outside of the big kindy activity day (dressed as a sort of devil, since we rented the costumes from a Korean company and the cape and wig were about my best bets for fit). Handed out candy to the older kids in the afternoon, and set out two shriveled Jack-o-lanterns by my door this morning. (We carved (green, Korean) pumpkins on Sunday, and they haven't held up terribly well, unfortunately.) Will need to toss them out first thing in the morning, before they start to stink. :P

Love, all!

[19 Oct 2008|08:00pm]
[ mood | full of soup ]

It's been a long, slow day. Weekend, actually. Yesterday I had a good bit of exercise, but today I've mostly lain around and read, which is good, certainly. Eventually I really need to buy a new power cord for my laptop (this one is not really quite as intact as I would like it to be). I also need to get a can of air and see if I can clean out some of the dust from the laptop's workings, because I keep having to stop and let it sleep for a while to cool off. Um... so that's fascinating, I guess.

Filled in my absentee ballot yesterday, but didn't get it witnessed or take it in yet. I'm hoping I'll be able to do that either Friday or Saturday of this week. It's almost over! Fingers firmly crossed.

Reading Bushwhacked, A People's History of the United States, and Till Human Voices Wake Us. Trying to get some planning in for NaNo (I hope I do better this year).

I guess that's about all I've got. Take care of yourselves.



[06 Oct 2008|10:51pm]
[ mood | irritable ]

God, I'm in a bad mood today. Stems from a variety of sources, I guess:

*Fucking economic meltdown
*Lack of anticipated sympathy re: bitching about a coworker. (Yes, I'm five)
*Waiting forty minutes (and rescheduling a meeting) for the washing machine repair guy today, only to be told after going back to school that J (general Guy Friday) had known, and not told me, that the appointment was rescheduled for 5. Though in his defense, I think he was expecting to go over and meet the guy for me, as he's had to do in the past when I had classes, and so didn't expect I'd need the info.
*Just a big general funk. I've already been to the gym, and it didn't help, so who the hell knows.
*Oh, and PALIN. And the entire GODDAMNED McCain campaign. The very least of it is that now every time I see footage of McCain speaking like an asshole to a woman, I can picture him calling her a cunt in his head. Fucking ASSHOLE. If Obama were that kind of person, the fucking Republicans would have torn him apart.
I saw the footage, finally, of Palin leading a crowd in hissing Obama for "palling around" with Whatshisface Ayers, like, 20 years ago. BLATANT LIES were told, and the crowd cheered. I am completely disgusted with (at least) about half the country right now. I just... how? HOW CAN THERE BE PEOPLE LIKE THAT???
*I've been reading A People's History of the United States, and realizing exactly how severely my U.S. History courses were whitewashed in public school. I feel like there should be some kind of prosecutable offense in ommitting, say, the AMERICAN SOCIALIST MOVEMENT from a course on US History. It's kind of like when I was 18, and realized I'd spent my childhood rolling through a Mormon propaganda machine. HEY LOOK GUYS IT'S ANOTHER, LARGER, MORE EFFECTIVE PROPAGANDA MACHINE!!!

I should not be allowed on Livejournal after drinking wine. (It was only a little bit...)

Sorry, guys. Will try to be at least a little more upbeat next time. :/

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[01 Oct 2008|01:23am]
I don't know if I'll ever again want to live in a place where I can't buy fresh produce off a truck or at a stand as I'm walking down the street. Just the scent of the bag of apples next to me is enough to lay down some serious happiness. ^_^
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[08 Sep 2008|04:39pm]
Wow. Bastard Teacher Whom Nobody Likes has done a runner, and now we're down a foreign staff member. Extra classes for all, and the kindy teachers are all going to have to help cover afternoon classes, since he was an afternoon teacher. Shitty situation, and there will be some very pissed off people. Fanfuckingtastic.
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